These times will define us. Is it your time to step up?

What an extraordinary time we are living in right now, with COVID-19 and all it implies.

It’s uncertain and stressful. How are you responding when each day brings even more alarming news? As the spread reaches your community?

How will these times define you as a leader?

Whether a self-leader or leader of people. Whether at work, at home, or in your community.

When you look back on these times, what do you want to have contributed?

These times are like no other. While sure we humans have faced epidemics, pandemics, natural disasters and man-made ones, this is different. We are global workers and travellers. We are connected through amazing technology like never before.

Recently, the crisis struck close to home. And it hit me with impact. So many questions and considerations – for my loved ones, my business, my community.

Also concern for friends, colleagues and clients working in healthcare. One of the most complicated, wonderful, under-resourced, frustrating, amazing industries on the planet. Frontline workers and behind the scenes supporters – I salute you.

As I felt the overwhelm rise, I realised that I had a choice. I could continue to sit in my emotions and focus onwards or I could look forward and outward with determination.

I made a decision. That I would step out of my own worries.

I knew that I could use my skills in some way. So I contribute where I can – resources, support, distractions, network. The specifics of what these things are is not important to share here. It really is too small compared to what others are doing.

And I am staying at home.

I’m not writing this to applaud myself.  I’m sharing it because I want to be part of a movement for each individual to step up into their own leadership at a time like this. To be understanding and kind. To be supportive and helpful. To do the right thing – not just for oneself – for the community and planet. To ask questions and challenge thinking. To encourage growth both professionally and personally.

As I wake up each day to this ever changing situation, I know that I have a choice.

Please step up. Be compassionate, support others, connect. Help however you can.

Help flatten the curve through the choices you make.

Step into your leadership.

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