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I’ve spoken to a few people lately who are finding that stress is impacting them negatively. So I wanted to share a few resources that might help.
A small amount of stress is good for us – it helps us take action. Yet we all have a tipping point, where stress tips into overwhelm, or even worse – leads to burnout. Here is a link to an article where I talk some more about this concept of stress and performance: https://engageyourhealthcareleadership.com/is-it-possible-to-manage-stress/

To lead effectively, we need to focus on our stress levels, and find ways to bring them to a level that helps us be productive, without the overwhelm.

Sometimes it’s not easy, yet if we don’t take action, then those around us will be impacted – our team, our colleagues and our family.
Even if we think we are ‘hiding’ the high stress we feel, other brains will pick up that something is not right. The human brain is amazing and has neural networks designed to pick up things that are amiss in our environment, often without us being consciously aware.
And when these pathways in others do detect something is ‘off’, then that potentially raises the caution, nervousness, concern, or anxiety they feel when they are around us.
If this happens, we are in some cases actually reducing the productivity of others.
And then we come to the impact on ourselves.
Chronic stress is detrimental to our health. It’s something we all KNOW, yet finding the commitment to DO something about it is sometimes challenging.

Even 5 minutes of deep and slow breathing can reduce your stress hormones. Can help you refocus.

Please take care of you.
This will also help you take care of others.
If you need help, reach out to your local support networks – your healthcare provider, online resources.
Below is another link to a great relaxation/stress relief free resource. This resource is free and provides some short stress reliever recordings.
I hope that you find some time just for you. To just breathe. 😊
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